Space + Time = Spime

A true Spime creates spime wranglers. Wranglers are the class of people willing to hassle with Spimes. And it is a hassle. An enormous hassle. But its a fruitful hassle. It is the work of progress. Handled correctly, it can undo the harm of the past and enhance what is to come.
--Bruce Sterling
Monthly archive June, 2012

Arduino at IoT Zurich

Arduino, for those who are not avid Do-It-Yourselfers, is the most popular IoT prototyping platform of all time. It is the open source hardware and software platform on which, since about 6 or 7 years ago, when Massimo Banzi introduced it, thousands of projects have been developed. Here's a list of over a dozen practical...

Sensors, Their Observations and Uses

There was a splash when my suitcase fell into the puddle next to the taxi outside the Exeter St. David's rail station last night. Although it was sunny under blue skies for both the days in London, while I was indoors attending the Open IoT Assembly, I was expecting rain in England and came prepared,...