Space + Time = Spime

A true Spime creates spime wranglers. Wranglers are the class of people willing to hassle with Spimes. And it is a hassle. An enormous hassle. But its a fruitful hassle. It is the work of progress. Handled correctly, it can undo the harm of the past and enhance what is to come.
--Bruce Sterling
Monthly archive October, 2012

IndoorGML Workshop

In-person meetings with domain experts are extremely important to my continued growth and to my contribution to the advancement of others. In Korea this week I'm enjoying a full week with OGC members and others in the Korean technology community. I could write at length about all that I learned in the first day during...

InsideAR 2012

InsideAR, conducted earlier this week in Munich, was an outstandingly well-balanced event. It was also a sizable “AR industry insiders” gathering produced without a professional event organization. We were nearly 500 participants for two jamb-packed days. Thanks to metaio for producing this exceptional human experience! What made it different and sufficiently exceptional for me to...

Is it Augmented Reality?

Television. From a former life I vaguely remember this broadcast medium that was (and still is for some people) provided on a screen in a defined sequence of segments called "shows" in an order defined by something that was called a "program." The content is professionally produced and sometimes approaches the real world. Then there...