Space + Time = Spime

A true Spime creates spime wranglers. Wranglers are the class of people willing to hassle with Spimes. And it is a hassle. An enormous hassle. But its a fruitful hassle. It is the work of progress. Handled correctly, it can undo the harm of the past and enhance what is to come.
--Bruce Sterling
Monthly archive November, 2012

Three Giants (and the Hobbit)

In Greek Mythology, the Hekatonkheires were children of Gaia (Earth) and Uranus (sky). They were three incredibly strong giants, each had 100 hands and 50 heads, and their ferocity surpassed that of all the Titans. In today's information universe, at least in this version of the story, they are reincarnated and will have the option...

Physical World as an Interface

Although there are a growing number of excellent examples and even reports of positive return on investment on mobile AR, I shudder at the thought that the first applications the term "Augmented Reality" will bring to the minds of most people will be a game played with the wrapping on a candy bar. OK. I...