Christine Perey is a Spime Wrangler and evangelist. She came to this conclusion after nearly two decades as a consultant, analyst and advisor to companies, young and old.

She helped her early clients and, over time, these collaborations shed light on how wrangling spimes would be the future.

Christine usually wrangles with a team. It's always an interesting process of linking the past and the present with the future.

What we do

PEREY Research & Consulting provides highly focused, industry-specific knowledge and services packaged the way businesses in fast moving markets need them—concise, concrete and actionable.

Companies leverage the value they receive from PEREY Research & Consulting in business plans and formulating a variety of mission-critical decisions. Christine leads and joins teams working collaboratively to advance business prospects in new technology markets.

PEREY Research & Consulting offers investors, service providers and technology vendors who want to grasp and expand their mobile rich media communications and community opportunities, the tools and the professional partner they need.

Based on client and project needs and timelines, we work with a variety of internal experts, consultants and publishers to meet deadlines and match skills.

PEREY Research & Consulting:

  1. provides deep, specialized, qualitative and quantitative industry level expertise for business plans and other strategic purposes
  2. conducts custom market research, keeps clients informed
  3. performs all forms of risk and opportunity analyses
  4. builds and maintains senior management contacts in all focus areas to enable you to develop strategic alliances and profitable partnerships

PEREY Research & Consulting focuses on two areas of information technology. Find out more about: